Time Passing

In the theme “Time Passing”, I had to create a 6 page narrative showing the story line/ passing of time in “King of the Peacocks”.

I decided to stick to the final piece that I did for “Frozen Moment” and use that as my main moment for the narrative.

First, I roughly sketched out my ideas to work out which direction I could take my narrative story in.

Here are some of the sketches I created:

blog 1


I then decided to expand my use of materials as I hadn’t yet created any illustrations in the digital medium, also because I can get multiple line textures on the software I use, which will be quicker to switch between in a task bar instead of using the physical materials, which will also ensure that I finish my work by the deadline.


My narrative story resulted as follows:

I am happy with the outcome of the narrative as I found the illustrations to flow into each other successfully.

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