Who Is Artist? Final outcome.

Creating the final outcome, a short film composed of 781 frames/ images, costume, video editing, design, and photography un-surprisingly was quite a long process. Although, I was able to finish it within the deadline that I had set myself.

In order to secure myself meeting my final deadline (2 weeks blanket extension applied), I decided to keep myself organised by creating this schedule. I believe doing so has made me more motivated to do work, as I was initially creating work with a large amount of stress overbearing myself, causing my production and development to be prolonged; this was because of me believing that I would not be able to get all of my work done in time by the deadline, as I kept recalling different requirements I had to meet by my deadline, such as updating my website, my portfolio, submitting an artist statement, presenting a professional practice slideshow, and more. Thankfully, by creating this schedule I am able to see what to do on each day, and have ensured to leave myself plenty of time to allow breaks in between completing work. I have also ensured to allow myself one day a week to do whichever and whatever I wish to do, in order to keep my mental well-being sufficient in these difficult times.

After following this schedule, I have been able to finish my extra puppet animation on-top of my previous submission. I will however be creating some extra still images, and collages with my puppet as some side, still illustrations.

In the curation of this film, I found my sound effects from 2 sources that offer students free sound effects to use in educational films, the links are below:



All of the sound effects I used were either licensed as Public Domain, or as Attribution 3.0, meaning that they are able to be used for personal, as well as public function, meaning that it can also be used for commercial purposes. I will give credit to the creators of the sound effects which I used below my film.

I used Adobe Premier Pro to edit my film together. It is fair to claim that I am out of practice of utilising the software and tools provided by such, although I was able to create the movie that I had envisioned in my creative-mind. If I had more time, or was able to re-do this animation, I would create a stronger body for my puppet, as it was too heavy to stand by itself. Although, I was able to offer more flexibility to this puppet than my previous puppet. This meant that there were more areas of the puppet that could be manipulated, and animated. This included the thigh, calf, and head as well as the puppet’s arms. I would also get access to official tools, such as cameras, tripods, lighting, and a clicker. These would make the animation smoother, and effectively more simple to create, as I struggled to take photos with one hand and move the puppet with the other which resulted in slowing the process.

I also decided to have a constant quiet ticking clock sound effect in this film, with an alarm at the end of the video, in hopes of communicating that it is time for people to wake up. I don’t believe that people outside, or even within the art world truly see the dark side of it. However, my hope is that this film may offer an insight to those emotions and fears.

I also went on to make some side pieces, as well as photograph my puppet in order to show the physical outcome as well as the video outcome. These will be shown below the sound effects credit.

Sound effects:

[Printer] by dersuperanton, freesound.org

[Painting, roller.] by bbc sfx

[Fast Drawing] by Daniel Simion, soundbible.com

[Fire Alarm] by battlestar10, soundbible.com

[Judges Gavel] by minuteman, soundbible.com

[Kung Fu Punch Sound] by Mike Koenig, soundbible.com

[Squishing Sound] by Mike Koenig, soundbible.com

[Tape Measure] by Mike Koenig, soundbible.com

[Microwave] by KevanGC, soundbible.com

[Rockslide small sound] by Sound Explorer, soundbible.com

[Ticking Clock] by KevanGC, soundbible.com

Height of puppet: Approx. 30cm,

Width of puppet (with arms resting as in “no strings attached” piece): Approx. 20cm.

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