Give Me a Sign: Development of Finals

As the Degree Show and University are in lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, I have had to change the method of hand in for my work. This also means I am unable to set up my final pieces in the way that I had wished to present them. In order to adapt to this situation, I have re-visited my photography days, although with lower quality devices, such as using my iPhone and scanner (as my DSLR camera has somehow broken, and I am unable to find what the problem is).

During the times I ventured outside of my home, whether it be to get my prescriptions, or to go food shopping, I made sure to look for any sorts of scenery that could fit the metaphor of re-birth, or to emphasise the beauty of the resurrected broken, this being the paper sculptures.

So far, I find that the paper sculptures located in de-saturated locations seems to be most effective, as although they look out of place, they also look as though they offer some sort of break from reality, or something ethereal.

I have finished creating the 3 main urchins also, to show the decay and cycle of re-birth.

I am hoping to create a series of these edited images of my sculptures in real locations, in order to place them in a setting as I would have been able to place them in a setting if the degree show was to go ahead. I also believe as my sculptures have a somewhat commercial value, this being that they can be altered to fit alternative purposes, as I experimented with during my professional practice live penguin book project application. I have made a collection of 10 paper sculptures, 3 urchins, over 150 spikes, and am curating a collection of collages of my work in outdoor places.

From this point onward I am aiming to create more collages, and if needs be, 2-5 more paper sculptures. As I do not want to overload my final collages with too many forms, as it risks distracting the viewers from the metaphor and beauty of simplicity, re-birth and somewhat gaining a spiritual aura from the concept of re-birth, through the butterfly-like forms. I am also going to experiment with lowering the saturation of the scenery/ backdrops which I merge my sculptures onto, as I believe the limited colour palettes assists in the sculptures gaining more attention.

I experimented with placing the sculptures in places currently available to myself, such as in my bedroom and in the garden, which resulted as so:

I decided that the camera quality was not strong enough to use these as final images, as I used a Panasonic DSLR which was a little dated. Also I didn’t find the outcomes with editing to be as striking as when using the photoshop overlay technique. It was however interesting to experiment with my sculptures being within a homely/ real setting.

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