Give Me a Sign: Final Collection of Work

This project by far has been one of the most personal and experimental times for me. I have been able to focus on and improve my 3D work, such as my understanding of the software SketchUp, I have been able to explore paper folding techniques in more detail and found a method which I enjoy and am able to adapt to suit different forms, and have been able to explore collage techniques, photography skills, visual language techniques, video making skills, and explore the boundaries of illustration itself.

I began with creating 2-D, pen on paper, marks on a surface work and then explored a different dimension, one that made my message and purpose of an artist strike more than it has before.

I have conducted in depth artist research in order to gain multiple locations of inspiration such as by looking into Richard Sweeney, Andy Goldsworthy, Ana Ramirez Gonzalez, Gracia Lam, Maria Andrews and Kiki Smith. I believe that the range of sources of inspiration helped me find my method of creation in this project as I was able to see so many styles of illustration in a binder near by where I kept all of the artist research along with various images of their work.

I have created multiple pieces and explored many disciplines in order for myself to improve and understand my visual language with confidence, and fortunately (better late than never) I believe I have confidence in the outcome(s) of this project.

Although I would have liked to exhibit all of my work in a show setting, I decided to create a catalogue/ book of my final outcomes in order to put all of the pieces that I created for a show in to one place. This is so if an exhibition opportunity were to arise, I would be able to see what I could place/ fit in the given space. Ideally, I would like the 2D images in print mounted to walls, the 3D Paper sculptures hanging from the ceiling, and the Urchins on a form of podium central to the space. But what I am very pleased about is the adaptability of my work for a show space due to the quantity and variety of work I have curated through my response.

I will include a selection of final images below, although will not give all of the final outcomes away as I would like that to be inclusive between myself and my lecturers, so that if an exhibition opportunity were to arise it would be a surprise to all. I will also add 3 bonus images which I made whilst curating the final collection of work which were not included in the final cut.

Selection of final outcomes

3 Bonus Illustrations

These 3 images I found didn’t quite fit in with the general aesthetic of the majority of the successful outcomes due to the collage/photo edit technique so as a result I decided to cut them from the final catalogue, although it is possible that they fit together in a form of 2D Illustration/Digital edit hybrid series which may be something I could explore later on.

I also created a video/ animatic of my final outcomes to explore my video editing techniques. I placed a musical piece that I created myself over the animatic to create a sense of question/ deep thought.

I decided not to include the urchins and slice collages in the video as it seemed almost out of place, as the butterfly paper sculptures reoccurred throughout the photo edits and individual images it gave more of a sense of metamorphosis/ coherency, which I tried to achieve by using an additive dissolve transition which gave almost a time-lapse sense to the pieces. I did this in order to reference the message/ inspiration behind this work, being re-birth/ loss.

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