Overall, I’ve found this term to be very beneficial as I believe my skills have improved over the term and I am able to express them successfully through my pieces and am now able to create in a multiple styles, instead of limiting myself to a singular type of art.

I have also been introduced to the material called “gouache” which I found intriguing to experiment with, and will continue to experiment with in the future as I found it gave an acrylic appearance although it was if I was painting with watercolours. I also find it useful how gouache can always be re mixed into paint by adding water.

This term has taught me how to use my imagination to create my own relatively realistic worlds, which I was not confident in doing before completing this term, and I have also improved in the way I create sketches as I used to spend too much time adding too many details so that I would not be able to get to the final piece within my preferred time, where as now I am able to make more effective use of my time when completing a task.

I found the “Frozen Moment” brief to be the most useful out of all others as colour and composition is a very big part of creating an effective illustration, and this in particular brief seemed to focus on that general area. I have also learnt a lot about perspective and how to pick the perfect moment to make the reader want to see the next page in the narrative. I also found the pieces I created in this brief to be my most risky, although I liked the outcomes of my investigation.

The task I enjoyed the least was “Stolen Jacket” as I found it difficult to get the results I set out to achieve/ envisioned when I read the story of “King of the Peacocks”, although the task did  make me more determined to finish the brief as I wanted to be able to improve my creativity in that area.



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