In Context: A Blank White Canvas Summary.

Throughout this project I have been testing, evaluating and improving my skills within certain types of media and different forms of illustration.

I had a found a particular interest in word painting, as I found it challenging yet oddly intriguing. I believe word art is something that I will be further developing within my work in the future.

The overall project to summarise was to either produce a poster, book or animatic/animation using metaphors based on a word chosen from a list. The word which I happened to choose was “hope”.  I initially found it very difficult to come up with a more narrative metaphor rather than a more descriptive one. My initial metaphor was “Hope is when your heart and soul go on a perilous journey with no set final destination in search of clarity”. From this metaphor I produced the following image: 29063615_2074804662535124_5268820468596473856_o

To create the image above, I took inspiration from the Illustrator Hans Tegner. To be more specific, I located a piece of his entitled “A grand attack of toothache was coming on” from Fairy Tales and Stories written by Hans Christian Anderson:

Image result for hans tegner toothache

I found this piece striking as the contrast made the image captivating yet it was not overly complicated, which gave me the idea of producing my initial idea with this style, this is because it would be less complicated to do than a full piece, yet still has potential to be a successful Illustration.

I decided to test myself by creating an animatic, as I had experimented with creating animations/ animatics in the past yet had never put full effort into creating a final piece in that particular form of illustration.

I first brainstormed possible contexts for hope in a mind map:


I then devised a story based off of this idea generation, in which I used different characters such as a heart, soul and brain. I story boarded this as shown below:

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The story depicts the heart and brain within someones consciousness getting into a quarrel and the human soul assisting the heart in its journey to fix the situation with the brain to have clarity.

Whilst putting the animatic together I managed to come up with a more narrative metaphor for hope, which I decided to attempt to get across at a part of my animatic, the metaphor was as follows:


Throughout my animatic I experimented with different medias and even decided to write my own music/ sound effects/ voice over for the animatic to make the whole creation my own.

Overall I am pleased with the final result and enjoyed pushing myself to new boundaries and discovering new skills that I am capable of using.

If I were to do this project again I would like to try and have better control over my time management, as I believed I set myself too many hard to reach goals to complete within a short time scale.


Word Art Workshop

Today we experimented with words, using them in ways to create deeper meanings than they would obtain if they were to be spoken.

In this workshop we looked at how certain tools/ brush strokes/ fonts can create bold, new dramatic meanings to text.


We worked on large scales so we had as much room to experiment and explore as possible.

I found this workshop quite intriguing, exciting and fun. I would like to perhaps develop my skills of word art in the future, as I can sense at this current point in time that I hold back from risks in fear of failure when it comes to word art, so I would like to improve my confidence within this skill to learn what I am capable of.

The below pieces are results of mine from the workshop:

Artists research

Phillip Hailstone:Image result for Phillip hailstone

Known for creating bizarre characters and illustrating odd children’s books, such as “Poo! You smell!”.

“Drawing quirky characters and animals is one of my favourite things to do. I like to experiment with different textures and colours, and usually start off by making a sketch in pencil. I use photoshop to colour, but I also use inks and pencil crayons occasionally.” – Hailstone.

I find the background of the particular image shown above of Hailstone’s to be useful as I like the simplicity of the shapes of foliage, it is clear enough to what the details are, yet the lines are not overly complicated, which makes good reading for younger audiences.


Cathy Crowe: Worked with the theme “Hope”

Image result for hope illustration

Crowe has worked with many well known companies as an illustrator, she has named the most known ones in a biography she has written about herself. Some of the companies include:

Time Warner Cable
Charlotte Symphony Orchestra
Levine Museum of the New South
Duany Plater-Zyberk & Company, Inc.
Brighthouse Network
Charlotte Observer and
Fort Wayne News Sentinel
Springfield Union-News
Center for Peace through Culture
Martineau Vermillion Interior Design
The Peaceful Dragon
Grassroots Leadership
Arts Engage
The Buddha Prince
Real Visions
Higher Self Yoga
The Nature Conservancy
Elegant Green Homes
Tony Holt Real Estate
History South
American Center for Chinese Studies
Saint Vincent De Paul Church
Saxon Hi-Def
Clarity Marketing Solutions
Artist Eleanor Goud
Mickey Myers Pastels
East Coast Martial Arts
Prospect Technologies
Springfield Library & Museums Association
Actual Proof
Charleston Tibet Center

Crowe’s work is also quite child friendly with its simplicity of shapes and colour palettes.


Francessca Sanna

29063244_2074938025855121_604303363131047936_o (1)

I found this Illustrator whilst looking for books in the library which had a story line which linked to my theme.

I decided that a journey would link to my theme of ‘Hope’ as you are hopeful to reach your destination as safe as possible and as quickly as possible… sometimes people may even hope to see something remarkable on the way to their destination.

Sanna is an Illustrator based in Zurich; She works on publishing, children’s books, and editorial illustration.