Who Is Artist? The New Work In Progress.

Now that I have filmed the creation of the foundation of the puppet, it seems fitting to do a reflection on how my concept is developing so far.

I have decided to use a alternative clay to what I had used for my previous puppet. For my first attempt at my puppet I had used FIMO doll clay, and although it worked well, it was hard to work with, as the clay needed to keep heated in order to be malleable. This time I used Super Sculpey, which has a similar feel to the FIMO clay, although it does not need to be kept at a certain temperature in order to be worked into.

So far I have decided to have phrases sneak onto the display, asking questions which I am curious about in the art world. I believe the animation at this current state is quite simplistic, which is appropriate as I wanted the focus to be on the puppet being formed at the beginning of the animation, as a way of showing how an artist isn’t one human, but rather something made by other forces, such as other people being critical in judgement. The next step is to paint and design the clothes for my puppet. I will then be able to create the story line appropriately. Unfortunately, it has become clear that making the model is always quite a slow process, as I intend to be quite precise and use multiple tools to get the structure that I envision into my creation. I am also a novice at designing clothes, although I have finished making the jacket and it took myself half the amount of time to create it this time than it did previously.

I also wanted my puppet to have more of a feature to it to make it not look completely human like, so decided to make the head of the puppet slightly smaller than normal, to further my intention of the puppet looking manufactured, as opposed to a natural person.

Unfortunately, I could not find anything to use as a tri pod as I wanted to zoom and move the camera angles throughout the animation to create more sense of space. As I get to the next stage of filming my puppet moving, I believe I will be able to find an angle/ space to place a make-shift tripod to keep the camera’s placement still/ non-shakey, to give time for the puppet to receive full focus.

I believe I may keep the audio of my animation to be simple sound affects, I don’t want to drain the essence of the story telling in my animation by covering it with music, although simple sound affects that follow the movement and development of the animation should accentuate the metaphors and make the animation more appealing to view.

Below is the first 10 seconds I have filmed for this animation.

Update: 17/04/2020

I have now finished focusing on creating the clothes and colouring the face of my puppet as shown below, and can begin the second stage of my animation.

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