Encounter: Back to the Start

Taking the feedback provided regarding my formative pass/fail submission of the Encounter module, I am now aware that although I provided quality work, I needed to work on the quantity of what I provided.

Unfortunately, during this formative submission I was met with unfortunate circumstances, such as mental health deterioration, losing my family dog, and other personal issues that affected my progression and speed of creating during that time.

Now I am revisiting this module, I decided that I would like to continue with what worked best, such as my time lapse. Although, to explore more skills I would like to create a stop motion animation. It would be similar to my time-lapse, but could also feature some movement/ action of the puppet after it’s creation, perhaps showing myself ‘controlling’ the artist/ puppet, therefore emphasizing my metaphor.

I can recall suggestions of having the puppet represent myself, in a day in the life of an artist. Therefore, place the puppet in scenery and show how it is controlled by views, critics, and judgement.

I have created a story board to collect some possible sequences to portray the struggles and uncertainties that is faced in the art world.

Ideally, I would like to continue with the idea of basing my puppet off the character that I created for my graphic novel project last year. This is because the graphic novel’s purpose was to discuss the issues of art theft, so the character has already been used to discuss the ‘dark’ parts of the art world. It would also be interesting to place this character in the real world by creating a puppet representation of it, and view how my character would interact with objects, how it may walk, react etc.

I would like to have the stop motion illustrate the feeling of an artist being a puppet, being controlled by the media, or a critic, or their surroundings. I’d like to also leave the stop frame animation have some opportunity for interpretation, so for the audience to perhaps converse amongst themselves to figure out the signification of certain aspects of the short film, such as if the puppet was to receive a magazine, what magazine is it? Why has it got this magazine? Why is it reacting the way that it is?.. and so on.

I will also remake the puppet that I initially created as I believe my skills have improved since the creation of that first puppet. It will also fit with the new stop motion animation, to see the ‘construction of an artist’, as opposed to an artist forming naturally, the fact it is being formed and almost manufactured furthers my metaphor of an artist being controlled/ created by multiple outside sources.

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