COVID-19: Creation of the first Urchin

Throughout the past few weeks, there is no doubt that my speed of working has slowed down. Being an individual diagnosed with ADHD in this time where everything is consistently changing has left my focus to be disturbed. I cannot seem to stay motivated for long periods of time, and need to have breaks more often than I can afford.

Fortunately, I have managed to complete one sculpture from the series of urchin paper sculptures which I had planned to make for a while, although I had to make 148 individual paper spikes, which were made from old/discarded work.

I decided to photograph some of the pieces I used to make the spikes along the way; although I look at them in their previous 2D paper form and see aged or failed work, I now can look at this 3d piece which has said failed work imported to a successful artefact.

These are the pieces which I cut into 148 x 2cm width strips and formed into spikes.

Creating these spikes took me about 5 days of constant searching (for old work), measuring, cutting, twisting, and sticking. It then took me a further 2 days to glue all of the spikes into place.

In order to create the spikes, I tried to choose illustrations which contained large areas of colour, lines and contrast. I looked for this so that once the spike is to be rolled, the majority would not be white, as I wanted each spike to be unique. I also decided on the length by making it about 1.5 cm larger than the initial copper wire inserts that I was going to use to create a modern aesthetic, although I am more pleased with the outcome of using paper-crafted spikes as opposed to the wire. This is because the piece appears more hand-crafted and personal to myself, as the creator.

I believe in regular circumstances, although this was quite a demanding task which involved implementing multiple techniques, I would have done this artefact in half the amount of time that it took me. Unfortunately, as my focus and concentration is moving and changing, my progress is slowing down.

Although I have strong hope that I can complete this work in time, I am concerned about having enough time to tweak my previous encounter module/project.

I will continue to create the 2 urchins with spikes, as well as my clay urchin body/egg breaking sequence and judge when I have finished those if I have time to create my final piece for this project, as well as re-visiting my puppet project in order to insert my new learned techniques into my previous work.

Although I said this in my last blog, I’d like to reiterate that in this uncertain time, it is to accept what you are and what you are not capable of. All you can do is try your best in this new pandemic. We are all adapting and you are bound to need time to yourself in order to adjust to the new circumstances. Although it is important to try and keep motivated, all should know that it is equally as important to rest and do nothing. It is okay to take time to rest. Isaac Newton didn’t search for an apple to fall on him, it came through rest and waiting. Balance is the key in these times.

Do work because you enjoy it, not just because you have to do it. Also, take time to do nothing. Recuperate, recover and re-engage your senses to the world around you and where you are at this current place in time. If you’re stuck, talk; whether it be through email, messenger or phone call. Finding someone to bounce your ideas back to you is useful. Hopefully through taking my own advice and talking to those around me, I can find myself on track again. I believe it is beginning to work, as I managed to work collectively with my house mates yesterday, which sped up my working speed and allowed me to finish my sculpture.

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