Trying to Find Creative Motivation

Whilst going through this new unprecedented situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have had quite a knock to my motivation and creative inspiration with so much negativity going on at this current point in time. Although, I know I need to be making and creating in some sense in order to try and build up my motivation again.

In order to try to keep creating during my lack of motivation, I gave myself the simple task of creating photo collages through photoshop in order to create scenes with my work in as I have some photos of the sculptures that I have made this far. Editing is something I enjoy doing and find relaxing; although it may not be of great importance to my project it’s important to allow yourself some creative escapism in these times.

I took some old photographs of scenes I had taken, one of a street in London and another of a park in Cardiff.

I was quite pleased with these pieces, although, I am afraid these may not have any significance to the development of my project. Although this is a way for me to practice/ get back in touch with my editing techniques on photoshop, the illustrations I have created may not be of much importance to the goal and objectives of my project. Although, I have learnt through my time studying illustration that any work is good work. Even if it is a failed piece, which my project is essentially trying to portray through the butterfly metaphor, and turning failed 2D work into beautiful 3D sculptures.

Also, if creating work relating to a current project in any sense drains yourself any further, then it is important to allow yourself to create whatever you wish. Just to keep your pencil in your hand, your brush on the paper, and your brain engaged.

I am hoping to find more motivation now that I am clear of the new deliverable’s expected of me, and after having a year meeting with my fellow students also going through the same stresses as myself.

A note to self, and a note to you, reader, is to allow yourself some healing time. Know that it is okay to not always be okay, and that there is always an end to your troubles. You just have to be patient for it to come. It’s not easy and it’s not fun to feel stuck or lost, but know that the best and most productive people in the world need to take breaks sometimes. Everyone needs a moment to gather their thoughts.

I hope my art helps people see beauty from the broken, and how emptiness/ nothingness can become something. A place, a shadow, a new form. I am uploading my work that I do alongside creating my final pieces to social media, in hopes of potentially raising people’s spirits in these uncertain times.

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