COVID-19: How an Illustrator is Affected.

Due to the outbreak of a new global pandemic, the focus on my current project had subsided for about two weeks, as I moved all of my work from the university studios to my home in Cardiff, discovered about new hand-in guidelines/ module deliverables, and had my family to be concerned about during the self-isolation enforcement from the government.

Due to COVID-19, we are no longer having a degree show, which means I must re-think my original installment plan as my final piece, as the hand-in will be completed through digital format.

I believe I will most likely stick to my plan of making (by creating the objects I initially set out to create in order to form the installment), and then find a way to photograph my work and place them in a setting which would show how my work would look, if it were to be set up in the initial concept I had set out for (gallery/ exhibition setting).

The installation was initially going to look as so:

I believe I am going to call on to my old photography skills learnt through A-levels in order to create realistic/ abstract environments, and perhaps a model/ realistic edit of what my set up would look like through multiple photos of the final piece, and a background.

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