Professional Practice: Pen and Paper

On the 14th of March, I was able to hold a live demonstration within The Pen and Paper, both demonstrating my skills as an illustrator, elaborating on what it means to be an illustrator, my purpose within the world now as an artist, and what the tools I was using that particular day are capable of.

I used copic markers, pro-markers, brush markers and fine liners to demonstrate a small part of stock that the art shop has. Whilst doing this I was approached by several people not only asking about the tools that I was using, but also regarding what it means to be an Illustrator. I was able to gain a few followers on my social media through interactions with a few participants of the demonstration coming into the store purely to ask me questions regarding how to use the tools that I was demonstrating.

I was able to give tips and tricks to those members of the public who approached me to get information, and was even able to help make some sales of that stock that day as people asked me what colours I’d suggest getting for minimal toned colour palettes, and how many colours to use in order to get a smooth blend/ specific textures.

I held this demonstration from 11am until 2pm, and was able to complete an observational piece using the markers, as well as make a tools and textures sheet to help and explain certain techniques to people who brought queries about what I was creating.

This was a great experience to not only build connections, but to also be able to get an idea of what it may be like to work within freelance, how to advertise myself, and how to improve my connections to those around me who may bring creative opportunities and partnerships.

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