Give Me a Sign: Milestone 2

Today I was able to present my work and development that has taken place since the previous crit that took place with the entire year group of Illustration.

This time we were split into groups in order to get more in depth feedback, and to be able to explain our project in full to those offering suggestions.

The outcome of this group feedback session was quite beneficial, as I have left again feeling as though I am on the right tracks and creating work that is to the quantity and quality expected from me. Although, I was also given suggestions which has offered an alternative way to display my work in my final degree show.

I had finally finished printing my urchins and have finished sticking in the copper wire spikes, and was quite happy with them, although in the group crit, it was suggested that rather than sticking to 3D-print, although it is effective and well made, it may be more beneficial to create the urchins in paper form to stick to my main paper folded pieces.

This is a good suggestion, as I can see the way that it would help tie all of my work together, although I wanted to display in my final degree show that I can work with multiple mediums, and thought a way to do this effectively would be to have the urchins be 3d printed, as opposed to the paper sculptures, as I found it also offered a contrast through all of the outcomes.

This piece was made in response to a TED Talks lecture as part of my course work last year in Illustration. It was suggested to make this again, but on a larger scale, although the outcome I had with 3D printing the urchin, especially as I wished for them to be wall mounted appeared as so:

I found these to be a little more advanced and improved to the paper sculpture version, and thought that due to the fine spines/ copper wires, once light was shone on it perhaps from above whilst wall mounted, then it would have quite an interesting effect.

This was my initial idea of how to display my final outcome in the degree show.

I am unsure if I should follow these suggestions, as once the milestone had finished, I decided to physically explain how I intended to initially set up my show by holding the urchins onto the wall to show how they would be mounted. Once I did this, those who were still in the room from my group said that it would be a great idea to go ahead with this. Therefore, I will continue to finish the printed urchins and create a mock up of how I would display them, and if I think that the other suggestions would be more effective than this idea, then I will change my approach. My next step is to create a poster/ announcement to ask people to donate failed/ old work that I could re-form for this project’s metaphor to be further emphasised.

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