Professional Practice: Update

In order to begin gathering potential ways to partake in a demonstration of professional practice, I decided to re-visit connections that I have, as I have many potential ways to engage in experiencing life in the real world, outside my education campus.

Fortunately, during my time in Cardiff, I was able to gain work experience at an art material/supplies store, and have been able to stay in touch with the bosses ever since. Also, during my time working in the building there was an artist who came in to do a live demonstration of paints that are currently being sold, which engaged conversation from audiences, and people wishing to view his work, thus this artist then being able to hand out business cards and gain more followers of his work.

I had a discussion with one of the bosses of the Pen & Paper (the art shop), named Wendy, who told me that if I was welcome to do the same thing in their store, when the store and myself have the time to hold the event. I was also told that I may be able to get a small window display in the shop to help advertise my demonstration, as well as my work.

I decided it was time to send an email to the Pen & Paper, to see if this opportunity was still available, this is the email I wrote:

The day after sending this email, I received a response from Pen and Paper, which was as follows:

This seems as though this opportunity of professional practice can be achieved, so I will be meeting with Wendy tomorrow to discuss what will be happening, and when.

In order to explain what I wish to do I will be compiling a selection of works done with the materials I had mentioned to her in the email to see which she would find best suited for the regulars of her shop, and I will also bring a selection of work from my current project, in case I am still able to have a small window display of my work.

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