Milestone 1- Give Me a Sign

Reaching the 5th week into our final project, it was time to get feedback from my peers to understand if I am headed in the right direction with my work thus far. It goes without saying that I was nervous about this, seeing as I have had to re-configure my project multiple times throughout the past few weeks, I was filled with anticipation to find out if I have finally hit the nail on the head with my new concept.

We kicked off the day with a silent crit, where we were able to place paper in front of our work and label how intense we wanted the feedback to be, one chilli representing that we only want encouragement, slight suggestions, two chillis being be honest (but not harsh), and three chillis meaning be brutally honest (and as harsh as possible). For this I chose two chillis as I wanted to have some suggestions, but as I am fighting to find my confidence again I need some encouragement and motivation to continue to wish to create.

I have walked away from this group crit feeling a lot more excitement towards this project, as I was given positive feedback and genuine excitement from my peers regarding where this project could lead to.

Taking the suggestions given to me, I will research the artist ‘Kiki Smith’.

Kiki Smith

Kiki Smith (born January 18, 1954) is a West German-born American artist.

She works with prints, tapestries, sculpture, artist books, and more. She has addressed themes such as sex, birth and regeneration.

Smith’s work have quite an antique aesthetic, almost Gothic Victorian style. As I am not working in 2d form I would not be able to essentially experiment with their work, although there is a possibility of including a victorian style to my work, rustic or aged. Although, I had the original assumption of making it look quite clean and modern, but I could attempt to visualise it to give the sense of aged items forming into something new and clean, aka, re-birth. It appears as though Kiki uses cotton or fabric sheets, either naturally aged or tea stained before painting her illustrations onto it, it may be worth attempting to age some of my failed images.

Leaving this group crit, I feel inspired and optimistic towards my project, which feels great to have again. I will also experiment with my work a little more.

After the group crit, I was placed into a group of Morality, as out of all themes offered my work seemed best suited to that category. My group is composed from 4 people, myself, Austin Mills, Vicky Yang, and Erin Julian.

It was interesting to look at our approaches to our topics relating to the theme as they were very contrasting. Vicky had made an interactive constructed children’s book, Austin has made a set of prints, and Erin has made a collection of collages, masks and short films.

For us to view our work with similar themes and have such obscure responses to it was inspiring, as I have left feeling excited to what our degree show will look like as there are so many approaches and forms, from gifs to sculptures, and masks to prints.

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