Give Me a Sign: Artist Research 2

As I have altered my concept, I have decided to conduct new artist research to uncover illustrators/ artists who have created work of 3D form, which could inform the outcome of my new project.

Richard Sweeney

Richard Sweeney was born in Huddersfield in England, 1984.

Sweeney found his natural talent for paper folding and sculpting during his study at Batley school of Art, which he then pursued by studying three dimensional design at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Richard Sweeney’s sculptures are influenced by nature. He takes the form of plants, weather and shapes of nature and manipulates them in order to gain an interesting and abstract form.

Image result for richard sweeney book

I am fortunate enough to own this book written by Sweeney, which contains almost a catalog of his work, along with what inspired each of his paper sculptures to form.

Sweeney’s work appears fascinating, as it has an intricate form with no colour palette, it allows the viewer to fully view and appreciate the manipulation the paper has taken, as well as the clear craftsmanship put into each individual piece.

I would like to play with paper crafts, as I find it fascinating that I could give a new life to my failed 2 dimensional work on paper, and I see this to be a perfect opportunity to experiment with. I would like to experiment with different ways to represent a butterfly through paper craft, as although I believe the butterfly folding I used to be effective, I believe testing a more metaphorical approach to a butterfly could result in a new discovery and more gripping/ interesting form to view in my final show.

Andy Goldsworthy

Andy Goldsworthy was born in 1956 in Chesire, England.

Goldsworthy currently lives and works in Scotland, where he creates land art/ sculptures.

The works that Goldsworthy creates are typically made from bright flowers, leaves, mud, and items found on site of his sculpture.

These 3 dimensional sculptures formed from items found within nature may be something I could experiment with in this project. This due to further pushing the metaphor of re-birth, how twigs that have broken from trees, leaves that have begun decaying, could re-form into something to be viewed and admired by public, where as they would normally be decaying outdoors, un-noticed.

I would most likely not create a large piece, however I could see if there’s a possibility to include another piece to the sequence, this is because although it would not illustrate another part to the story my concept is based upon, it would still relate to the metaphor. It would also give multiple dimensions to my work, seeing as not only would it be displayed on the wall, but also potentially on the floor, or on a podium.

Goldsworthy’s work offers an emotional perspective to viewers, this being to notice the beauty in nature, and that anything can be art. The twisting twigs and slanted stones offers a seemingly natural form to the pieces, although it is clearly done by a sculptor, it almost appears as though it could have raised from the ground, or have occurred through a blessing of nature.

The two forms of 3d art discussed above would be something I would like to explore within my work, although I may not use both for my final outcome, I would like to experiment with them, as they may express my story and metaphors effectively.

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