Give me a Sign: A Sign to Re-Birth.

After receiving feedback in my tutorial, I have concluded that making 3-Dimensional work is essentially the only thing that will work for me in my degree show.

This has lead me to design a way to not only display the story of signs and loss, but also re-birth. Not only is the fish reborn as a butterfly in the story about loss in my first post on my ‘Give me a Sign’ project, but also the re-birth of me. I am to be re-born. A professional illustrator who now understands how the art world works. An illustrator who is expressing herself, although twisting my approach to suit others.

In my 3D installment or object, I wish to express that I am reborn, through showing my initial link to grief, the story of the fish and butterfly, and also showing how although I am reborn and should be free, I am constrained within a wall, or a bubble, stopping me from being truly free, as myself.

Returning to my work-space after understanding that all of my 2-dimensional work was not good enough, or do not contain any potential, this gave me the idea to re-birth it in a form that may be more appreciated. I took some work which I had completed in a creative-play workshop, and gave it a new purpose.

I had explored the prominence of butterflies in after-life and re-birth so far in my project, and as I am essentially re-birthing and re-forming my work, it seemed fitting to create an origami styled butterfly out of my work, to take my 2D paper and transform it into a 3D artefact.

This idea almost immediately expanded; the design, concept, and form seemed to fall into place. I am unsure as to if it is down to the frustration I have with myself for how I have been naive enough to believe that I should ‘do what I love’, or whether it is because it has taken until the final knock of confidence, where there is nothing left, to finally say, screw it. Let’s have some fun. Express myself, but in a way that will gain striking, positive responses from others. It is time to accept I am but a small fish in a big pond. If I like jumping through hoops and follow that hobby, the likely hood is that there is someone who can jump through the hoop better than myself. There is someone who has done it before and there will be more people in the future who can do it better than I will ever be capable of. I have to take others opinions. Although I have forever been applying them to my own methods, I am now taking their opinions and creating entirely new methods that will focus primarily on their critique.

The issue I found whilst exploring my work without being able to use 2D illustration in any form, is that it is impossible. I need to create designs, I need motifs and deeper meaning applied to my outcome, which is to be developed from an idea in my mind into 3-Dimensional form. Unfortunately for myself, I need colourful and interesting imagery infront of me in any circumstance in able to keep focus, due to my ADHD causing me to be distracted easily. I have always made my notes and research colourful and illustrative, it is what I have found to work for me. Due to this I have illustrated the progression of my 3-Dimensional work idea, in order to be able to explain and illustrate my intentions in a clear format to my peers when explaining my aims.

The concept relates to the main story to influence this project. The fish and the Butterfly. However, I have decided to include an urchin in place of the fish, as I had a breakthrough during my sea urchin project in my 2nd year of study. I also believe it allows the story to be a little more metaphorical, as it is not a complete link to the influential narrative of the fish, however it stays within the nautical theme.

It will display a timeline of the story, how an urchin loses its spikes, appears fragile until there are no spikes left. The remaining egg-form then hatches into a butterfly, however, the butterfly does not escape the bubble, unlike the original story this piece is based off.

There will be 8 smaller pieces, displayed within a frame around the main large piece. The 8 smaller pieces will start with the urchin (I believe I will take the 3D print I made last year and alter its sizing to fit within the smaller frames), I will create black spikes to sit on the white urchin shell, this offering a strong contrast. I will make the butterfly out of fragile paper which has concepts and designs printed onto it from this project. This gives me the chance to work with multiple mediums, experiment with installation art, and still involve my 2D work in some form, which makes it still beneficial to this project. The bubble will be shown with some form of clear dome around the main piece (butterfly).

I would like to explore with different ways of creating the spikes and egg/ urchin shape before settling on my initial ideas.

I would also like to create a zine of my pieces with some information about the story it is based on, this I believe would resolve any possible confusion with the direction in which the frames are to be read. I also believe that as zines are easy and affordable to make, I would be able to make enough to even potentially give some out at the show.

As this project features a lot of nature’s influence, I would also like to do a collection of sketches or photographs of items which may relate to this project, such as a conker shell, as their appearance it quite similar to that of an urchin. Also it would be interesting to witness some butterflies and possibly photograph them, this could be featured in another zine illustrating how influential and mind opening nature can truly be.

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