Give me a Sign: Initial Ideas

As I want to explore the ways that the after-life and voices no longer on the earth have ways of communicating with us, I wish to investigate the various forms messages can take from loved ones.

Through gathering research online and through the spiritual members of my family, I have come to understand that some of the many ways deceased loved ones communicate with us on Earth are:

  • Visitation dreams
  • Coins on pavements
  • Feathers
  • Light flickering
  • Scents
  • Un-explainable happenings

I’d like to explore possible ways I could display this through imagery in my project. Some ideas and concepts I have compiled are below.

These are ideas/ concepts I have come to create during my brainstorming process over the past few days. I have considered the possibility of creating either a short movie or book accompanied by an altered object of comfort, such as a pillow or quilt.

The idea of altering an object of comfort to display signs arrived due to the wish to offer support and love during a time of grieving. This also allowing spiritual messages to be recognised by the recipient of the item, as it also educates on the links life has to the after-life.

I quite enjoyed paper cutting as well as the GIF making process in my concept flurry. This I believe is because of the amount of processes, personal investment, and time it takes to create, as opposed to a typical drawing.

I also believe that the paper cutting approach was quite effective, especially the butterfly involved in the imagery, as the shadow casting allows a 3 dimensional aspect to the illustration, offering a perspective to the viewer that is different to that of typical 2d imagery.

I believe the imagery above and the GIF shown earlier in this post are what were most effective in my approach so far. This is due to my mark making in the first ink butterfly image being quite intricate. The second image offered more of a soft aesthetic due to the simple colour palette and the markers used offering minimal texture. Finally, the contrast and shadow offered by the 3rd piece (paper-cut piece) offers interesting perspective and catching imagery due to the contrast in colours used and shadows appearing from light applied to the 3 dimensional butterfly. However, the form and words were too simplistic and literal. I added words due to my artist research showing that words alongside simplistic art makes it more interesting, although, in my case, I believe it took away from the metaphorical and open interpretation I wished to achieve from the concept. This I would not like to use again, although I would like to explore with involving 3d aspect to my imagery.

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