Who Is Artist? Reflection.

As I am near my Pass/Fail summative assessment, it is now the best time to look back at what I have achieved so far and assess what has and what hasn’t been effective in my approach to my thematic project.

When I began this topic I decided that my main audience would be those currently working, wanting to work or confused about what goes on in the art world. This is to talk about how my experience has affected me, and to show how even though I have struggled to gain a full grasp of what it means to be an artist, you forever learn. There is no such thing as a ‘perfect artist’ or a ‘perfect piece’ as there is always room to improve and make something more magnificent than that which has been done before.

I wanted to show this by the exploration in materials, emotional input (being confined, breaking free), and by showing the process of making.

I believe I have been able to achieve that so far in my collection of mixed media approaches, and different forms of documentation (film, blogging, sketchbook work, marker work, gif making etc.).

I wish I had broke free of my prison which I had built myself into a bit earlier on in the process as I believe I would be even further into completion of the final outcomes at this point.

I am pleased with the responses I had to my work, many saying that they find the mixed media approaches effective and that they are also excited to see the puppet in completion as they think the metaphor will become more clear.

I would like to continue with this project, but slightly limit my area of research. Perhaps look more into escapism and what it means to people.

If I were to continue with this project, I would also possibly remake the puppet to be of a higher standard/ less delicate. I would also compile more speed-paints together and create a short film explaining what/ who art is to multiple people, and let the audience deliberate it themselves.

I was also able to explore life drawing this term, as I believed the vulnerability of the model linked to the fact that I, myself am opening up to myself in this project, therefore also making myself quite vulnerable. The life drawing lead to the creation of one of my lino prints, which I then began to create a concertina with (another one of my outcomes).

The contertina was made in order to try and convey how the artist’s mind works (also that I am slightly losing my mind). This is represented by showing how when some may see a glass of water, an artist may see a dancing wave of character, with story and emotion. The body and glass is a pure limitation (containers), where as ‘looking in between the pages’ allows the imagination to swirl, which further states my aim of showing what an artist is capable of.

This project so far has been quite enlightening, which was ideal, as I stated at the beginning of this project that I wanted it to allow me to further experience self discovery, as my past projects have done. I have found methods/ techniques of working which I had never tried before to be fun, such as lino printing and model making. I have also found that I am able to make work, I just have to trust my own opinion more, as I AM THE ARTIST. The critics are there to offer advice, not change my work/ do the project. Therefore, not everyone’s opinions matter. It is important to learn to take criticism and respond to it in a way which is necessary. Not change your entire work mode to fit one individuals opinion, as opinion varies. This is an important point which I struggle to remember sometimes. I will now make sure that I always take into a count that I am the artist. I am in control.

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