Who Is Artist? The Development.

I decided on the first day back on certain things which I would like to explore in order to expand my range of tools/ techniques. This included exploring my strengths which were markers, ink and sketching, as well as exploring my weaknesses, which is print making and acrylic painting.

I began by doing free sketching, AKA drawing for fun, as the best ideas seem to arrive when you have shut off your mind to the context, as there is always a bit of thought left in your subconscious regarding the topic which is being studied.

Above are some examples of work that I made to generate ideas. I was still struggling to find an idea which I could take further.

It was during a Vertical Studio talk, held by one of my lecturers at Cardiff Metropolitan, Amelia Huw Morgan which had me inspired.

Throughout her talk she discussed how she approached art, and how she found her profession. One part of the talk that struck true to me was when she explained how she felt stuck in a box, tied together by string, and needed to cut herself free.

This metaphor struck true as I had been struggling to find my way out of an art block/ and find a metaphor to explore further. As I had been desperately trying to find philosophical meaning to what an artist is, that is when I decided to home in further on my topic.


This topic allows me to research/ explore what I am capable of, what art is capable of, and what it means to me to be an artist. This then got me thinking about how I really felt like a puppet, as I was so afraid of judgement from peers, critics, lecturers and the outside audience that I was creating work that I think would fit them best. It wasn’t until I ‘cut myself free’ that I started creating work (shown below).

I ended up exploring lino print, 3d design CAD software, spray paint stencils, GIF making, acrylic paint and more. I decided to compile a collection of clips I took of me creating my work.

As you can see in the clip, I also decided to experiment with 3D making, and have begun to make a puppet. I would like to redo the head of the puppet as I believe I can create a better form, although other than the head the body seems secure and strong in structure.

I want to make a puppet as I believe it displays the metaphor of how I was controlled by judgement and other’s opinions. Therefore the puppet is an artist, based off one of my characters I designed for a graphic novel project in my previous year. The puppet will be able to be interacted with by anyone, and will hold a paintbrush in one hand, which will be able to be dipped in ink and can will be able to paint on surfaces, (as shown in the below diagram).

The amount of material exploration so far has got my hopes up, as I am constantly learning and exploring new methods to work. This puppet will be one of my main outcomes for this project, as well as concertinas, speed paint/make videos, posters or books. Essentially I want the outcomes to show the range of approaches you can take in art, to further emphasize how art can differ, in aesthetics as well as method.

I am looking forward to seeing what I will be able to complete by the degree show.

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