Who Is Artist? Exploring London.

This year, we were offered the opportunity to venture up to London in order to explore galleries, art markets, and the generous artistic sights.

During my trip in London, as well as going to see exhibitions and museums, I was able to stumble across some lovely installments scattered throughout London.

London has various sculptures/ artistic pieces installed throughout the city, allowing a sort of scavenger hunt to find all the hidden pieces. The above shows one of the pieces I happened to find whilst exploring. This made me feel quite revitalized, knowing that art is springing itself upon people by being hidden in various parts of the city, making you feel like you have been transported to a different world when you turn a corner and find one.

I was also able to visit the House of Illustration which allowed me to view some Quentin Blake original art pieces.

Seeing his work left me awe struck, as it feels very special to be able to see the pen strokes, brush marks and slight errors Blake made in his work. I say this as I noticed that one of his works on display seemed to have either white acrylic paint or correction fluid on part of his page! This also made me relate to Blake, as I could see that even artists with loads of experience make mistakes.

I also went into the design museum, as I had read that an Illustrator who I wrote about in my dissertation last year had their work on display there. This Illustrator was Chesley Bonestell.

Chesley Bonestell used to draw space and planets from the perspective of if you were standing on them. This was done before photos could be taken of outer space. Bonestell’s Illustrations were then published in a magazine, which lead to people wanting to explore space as the images appeared to gather an audience who wanted to experience standing on the planets which Bonestell Illustrated. This arguably meant that Bonestell helped initiate the wish to create space travel.

Seeing Bonestell’s work face to face was astonishing. To think that years ago, this is all people viewed of space. As not everyone could go into an observatory and look into the sky, therefore these illustrations were the only connection the layman had to space, where as astronomers obviously had more understanding.

The markets in London also had multiple stands by artists, makers, textile creators and illustrators. Overall, it was quite an exciting experience exploring the markets as there was so much range in what was being sold that you didn’t know what you were going to see once you turned a corner. There were markets on the streets outside the hotel which I was staying at also, which created a sense of community as everyone was there for the same reason, to see what was being presented and possibly purchase some items.

The London trip has left me inspired, motivated and refreshed. This visit was a nice way to take a break from constant working, yet still acquire some research which has left me excited to get back to creating.

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