TAX: How to be your own Boss.

Today we were able to have a talk held by an established Illustrator: Anna Steinberg.

In this talk, Steinberg discussed how to handle tax when you are working in freelance, as you become your own boss.

Above are some notes I took during the talk.

This talk was useful as it gave us tools that not many people have been able to have a talk on.

As I have stated in one of my previous posts regarding professional practice, I have considered doing freelance. Now that I am understanding more about how the inner workings of being a freelance illustrator works, I am growing in confidence about handling working for myself. Although, as I also stated, I am still concerned about the unsteady income.

The talk touched upon this and told us in order to ensure we have enough money to essentially live, we have to make sure we budget. This also concerned me. Not the budgeting part as I have always been one to keep track of my banking/ spending, but the fact that an individual who works in free lance also stated that she has to budget as her income is not always stable, and has found herself having to be very careful with her spending. Even though it is useful to know, and working for yourself sounds like a dream, this factor really concerns me, hence why I have decided if I were to work in freelance, I wouldn’t want to do it long term. Although if I do go into it, thanks to the talk, I have the essential tools, links and understanding on how to look after my money and ensure I pay my taxes if it does work out.

The link to Anna Steinberg’s website is here, if you would like to research into her work:

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