Professional Practice: Artist Research

It only makes sense now that I am within my final year of studying at Cardiff met to consider possible career paths I can go into upon completing my degree.

Naturally, like most artists I have considered finding a way to work within freelance as it seems like a dream to be your own boss. What has turned me away from being definite about going into freelance is the uncertainty of your income. As working for yourself would mean having to put yourself out there, finding work for yourself, creating connections and being super social, which I don’t believe is my strong point. I enjoy having discussions with friends, but I always have a guilty feeling when emailing people who I may not have met before to sell myself, as I believe I’m taking up the time of one’s day. This thought I will need to change if I want to make my way in freelance.

Although, an artist who has made a name for herself without having to work by contributing towards group projects, and being able to make money from doing their own original paintings, creating videos on social media, selling prints, and releasing her own line of watercolour paint brush sets is an artist named Polina Bright.

"Overwhelming Power" original

I came across Polina Bright’s work on Instagram. Her work is typically completed with a minimal colour palette, allowing her work to fit in most rooms; whether it be framed in one’s hallway or in their living room, it will be able to fit in to the surroundings.

I would describe Bright as having found her ‘niche’, as she creates work that have quite clear similarities being that she has rarely if ever drawn a male figure, and doesn’t typically use more than 4 colours within her paintings.

During a live stream, Polina Bright told the viewers that she managed to make her name purely through the use of social media. She found that she quickly gained a following on instagram and pinterest. After finding a following Bright opened a ‘patreon’ account, which allows an audience to pay for a subscription to the artist, in which you are able to watch exclusive videos made just for patreon by the artist which could be painting tutorials, sketchbook flip throughs, or general speed paints. Subscribers can also win postcards from the artist, allowing a special connection between the artist and the viewers.

Polina Bright’s originals can sell from anywhere from £1,000 to £6,000.

Bright also makes a good income from prints being ordered from her online shop , where most of her prints are prices at around the £40.00 range.

Bright has also recently released her own brush range, which once launching was quick to sell out. A set of 4 brushes converts to roughly £82.00.

Due to all her methods of income, being prints, originals, t-shirts, postcards, commissions, patreon and paid advertisements on instagram, Polina Bright makes a good and steady income from her work within freelance.

This artist shows that it truly is possible to be your own boss, although it takes a lot of self discipline. As Polina has stated that she never has experienced an ‘art block’ and is able to constantly create, which is quite rare to come across.

Bright also has her own schedule on which days to upload what to which social media site. This amount of self discipline makes it work for her.

I find this information useful, although I am yet to decide whether or not I would definitely like to be my own boss, as I would ideally like to have a guarantee to a stable income.

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