Creative Play: Production through Fun

As you have probably guessed, or experienced yourself; coming up with new creative ideas constantly as a profession/ major can become quite difficult. Sometimes you’re not in the right frame of mind to sit down and contemplate new effective ways to captivate an audience.

In order to expand our tool kit and methods of working within the art field that is Illustration, we were met with a workshop to assist us with finding ways to get a project in movement.

To begin, we all sat down and were told to explore the various art games laid in-front of us. Some were flip books, some were construction kits, and some were card games. All of which were ways to get the creative mind moving and get you wanting to create.

The ability to touch and move these objects already gets the brain in movement as you are able to explore the different senses and the ‘not knowing’ what to expect made our imaginations take off in order to try and anticipate what was to happen next.

We were then told to cut, draw, and create. We could create anything. A game, a collage, an object or anything that came within to existence. We were told to shut off from our surroundings and have fun with what tools we had available.

I had brought all of my development work with me as well as a watercolour palette, scalpel, glue and markers. I decided to create an interactive collage, entitled ‘The Artist’s Studios’ to allow those to have a glimpse into what it is like to be an artist, in particular the confusion and uncertainty in the life of an artist.

This workshop reminded me that it is good to have fun whilst working. It is not always appropriate to create in a logical way as it can take away from your motivation in approach to the topic. The main points I am taking away from this project is to enjoy making. Allow myself to be free and have fun with projects, even when in a slump because sometimes it just takes the free space and a clear mind to be able to get back into the swing of things.

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