Beginning the End: The First Crit.

Walking into a large room full of peers knowing that you are about to be judged is never an exciting experience (at least it isn’t for me anyways).

Whilst looking around I could see that about 90% of my fellow students in the class had either done more, or the same amount of work as myself. This initially made me feel quite apprehensive to show my work.

As I stated in my previous post, my summer holidays was jam packed with playing catch up on my dissertation proposal due to my unknown mental illness at the time taking control of my progression. This in turn lead to me having less time to create work towards my project over the summer, as well as me having to focus on multiple things at once (which is precisely what my illness makes me struggle to keep control of), which lead to me being demotivated, drained and confused. Knowing that I was about to put my work out to be judged for what it is, knowing that no one will know why I was unable to create the amount that I would have been comfortable to display, made me incredibly anxious. Nonetheless, I know that despite the fear of judgement, it will be beneficial. And that, it was.

After laying out our work, we were asked to consider what we think is working in our development so far. I believe that my concept for making something 3D/ an object as well as 2 dimensional illustrative images is quite good, as it will be captivating when stood upon the mountains of paper illustrations/ development created for this project. I also like my use of mark making as I believe it gives the image a certain texture, that makes it less 2 dimensional.

We were then told to pick something that we would like to leave behind and not explore further in our development. For this I chose to not look further into how galleries’ stances can make or break an artist as I found this topic to be too limiting on exploration of work.

Finally, we were told to take note of what others have liked about our work. After showing my work and explaining my intentions on where I would like to take this project further, I was told by my peers that my idea of making an interactive artist puppet would be a really fun idea, as it would engage an audience with my installation. I was also told that my observational images were ‘lovely’, as they transported the viewers to the scene which I had drawn, ones of which offered serenity.

I was told to potentially look into a book called “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”, which offers questioning of what art is, or what it could be. This added to my previous artists who I have researched has helped me build a strong foundation for potential areas of research.

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