First Person: The Graphic Novel- Evaluation

Finishing my Novel was most definitely a challenge. Although, it was during this project that I found a lot out about myself. Struggling with time management was most definitely the major issue with this project, as I had such a grand idea and wanted to do so much, yet just couldn’t handle the amount of time given. It was during this that I discovered the reason I had such a hard time understanding how to control time, and that was the presence of ADHD. Unfortunately, it was too late into this project that I managed to take the step towards getting diagnosed which lead to my novel suffering.

Fortunately, as I was granted a chance to finish my novel in a retrieval, I ensured to get it scrubbed up to a level I would be happy to show in public.

Now that the issue which effected this project is under control, I will be moving on ensuring to take back the amount of passion and excitement in approaching my projects.

Although this project was most definitely a difficult one, it has been a lot of fun. Creating comics is a hobby of mine, so be able to bring it into a project was completely exhilarating.

One main thing I would change about the final outcome if I could, would be to get a software made for novel making, as I discovered photoshop has a feature which makes comic/ graphic novel making more approachable, I would like to experiment with that more in the future.

Overall, I found this quite a life changing project, both in regaining my passion for comic making, but also facing problems and overcoming them by discovering more about myself.

A selection of a few of my favourite panels/ panels which I believe have the most importance or aesthetic stimulation are placed below. Thank you for following me on my journey of creating this comic.

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