Enquire Choreograph Grow: Evaluation

This module has most definitely been the most advantageous in my practice, allowing me to explore live briefs such as the Penguin Book project, and the Creative Conscience prizes offered a fairly accurate experience of working in freelance illustration and completing commissions for companies.

I have also found it to be quite a testing module, as I have explored many different forms of outcomes, such as 3d printing an artist’s object to contain images inside to creating GIFs and an animatic.

Although this project was challenging, it also was the most useful in my studies, as I have been able to explore outside my comfort zone and learn new skills and methods which I will be able to apply to future projects.

I have also gained inspiration and motivation to further test myself by exploring even further outside of my comfort zone, as I have done so during this module and have been happy with all of my end responses despite them being unlike my previous end pieces.

I have been able to see myself becoming more professional throughout this module, by staying on top of blogging more, and making my own website has now started making a footprint online, offering myself a higher chance of being discovered/ my work being viewed by the grand public.

Creating my own professional portfolio of all of my pieces which I have created this year also made me aware of how much my confidence in my skill has improved, despite having outside issues effecting my reliability of staying on top of work I have still found myself being quite proud/ satisfied with my final outcomes. I can also see the progression in style of my work, as I have slowly been adapting to new learned skills to further develop my range of mediums/ forms of responses, whether it be a novel, an animatic, or a 3D object.

To summarise, this module has been the most beneficial in discovering who I want to be as an artist. I now understand that I would like to work more with educational illustration, also I would like to experiment more with hand lettering and logo design, which I developed in the penguin project and found myself enjoying working with these forms of illustration.

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