Creative Object Research: Commercial Illustrative Objects.

Common items that are sold by illustrators are objects such as:

  • Tote Bag
  • Sketchbooks
  • Note books
  • Pencil Case
  • Coasters
  • Stickers
  • Postcards
  • Badges
  • T-Shirts
  • Stationery (Rulers, erasers, pencils)
  • Posters …etc.

2 examples of successful commercial illustrative objects that I’ve found fellow illustrators selling are:

1: Sketchbooks:

Lana Jay is an illustrator whom I have followed on social media for a considerable amount of time. Whilst following her shop updates, I noticed that the sketchbooks which she was producing for her shop sold out in a matter of days.

The idea of sketchbooks was quite inspiring for me, as it not only shows the work of the artist on the cover, but the public and/or customers are then able to feel inspired to create work of their own.

Taking inspiration from this, I have decided that I would like to create some form of book, or stationery item which motivates the individual with the item to keep creating.

Another item sold by Lana Jay which I have noticed, not just with her, but for many other artists too, is that badges/ pins also tend to sell well.

These pins also sold out within a few days, mainly because of the stunning art work displayed on the pins. I believe this would be a good option to just raise awareness of ADHD (a continuation from my creative conscience project), although, I would much prefer an item which could both raise awareness and have assistance in helping those with the disorder, or those struggling to find motivation.

There are also illustrators such as Polina Bright who gain a large amount of attention from their prints more so than their t-shirts, pins etc.

Although, I think if I were to create prints/ postcards, they wouldn’t serve the main purpose I have in mind for my object any justice, which is to offer help/ motivation to those struggling to find some, and to also help grab the attention of those who may loose focus, by the front cover of the book being bright, which means when it is closed it catches attention.

After I found this information, I decided that I would like to create a notebook that could be turned into alternative products by creating a logo/ emblem for my design.

As I want to raise awareness about ADHD, I decided to create a logo that represented a ‘mind flutter’: the process illustrated through images below show how I ended with my object.

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