Creative Conscience: Final Outcome – REFLECTION

Now that this project has come to an end, I find it is important to reflect on the moments that have been the most challenging, yet the most helpful for my practice.

I enjoyed every single aspect of creating my response to this brief. This is because I managed to incorporate all of my favourite forms of work into it.

Poetry and music has been a life long hobby of mine, so being able to include this in my outcome has made the production of my response incredibly satisfying to view the whole animatic forming.

I enjoyed creating the GIFs as it has been a while since I have properly experimented with creating them, so it was quite a refreshing experience. I also managed to use 2 different programmes, Photoshop animation and Adobe Premier. I will definitely be working on these programs more in the future.

The main issue I encountered whilst completing this project was keeping on top of my schedule, due to outside influences effecting my motivation to stay on top of work; although after getting support for how to deal with these issues, I managed to carry on with my work. If I was not effected by these unforeseen circumstances I would have liked to create more GIFs, and include all verses in my poem rather than a cut down version.

End Result Animatic.

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