Creating the Animatic.

Taking inspiration from the artists mentioned previously in my blog, I am ready to begin creating my animatic.

To do this I first created a simple story board. I also shortened down the audio as it was initially 3 minutes, but by removing 3 verses I managed to cut it down to 1 minute and 57 seconds, minimising the chance of losing the focus of the audience.

I have begun by creating 2 simple GIFS. I wanted to begin with a GIF that featured the stitch metaphor. This was the outcome of that GIF:

I was quite pleased with the simplicity of the outcome, although wanted to offer more colour in the animatic. I decided to offer this in the following GIF.

This GIF features all of the colours that I have chosen for my colour palette. This was in order to display the chaos and difficulty to focus on one single item.

I look forward to creating the rest of the animatic and seeing what I am able to illustrate.

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