Creative Conscience: STOP, LISTEN, RECOGNISE.

For this project, I have decided to write my own poem and music to accompany the illustrations in my animatic. This is because I believe it will help keep the attention from the audience, and help them recognise what ADHD is, and how it affects those who are diagnosed.

I’ve written the poem by taking some of my own experiences, as well as information from friends of mine who also have the disorder.


To the 19 year old student taking the leap

to live in full independence whilst the pressure falls deep,

trying to impress rather than ingest the info needed to progress in their studies.

To the student feeling belittled, with a lower mark than the others,

despite the fact they were subconsciously working whilst tucked up under their covers.

The doctors say that anxiety is the cause of their lack of motivation,

and depression being the reason that they feel no inspiration.

To the student that this wasn’t news to.

To the student who had always been silently suffering,

but now is all too loud so they are slowly buffering

to the change of being told that they are not like the others.

Your mind is like a ticking time bomb,

you try to work before it starts to go wrong 

and your mind screams to you that YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

To whoever is watching or listening to this;

a student, a teacher, a cleaner, a lecturer,

a grandma, a son, a daughter, a mother

There is more to discover once you uncover

the problems a mind suffers which are kept under cover.

Trying hard to concentrate, 

entering the room ready to create the pathway to your future,

as time goes on the info slips and you’re lost… too scared to ask for help.


For you see, no mind is like another.

The student who was told anxiety and depression

was the reason they were feeling sever repression

in progressing with others the same speed in each session


To accompany this poem, I will compose a simple music background, and narrate the poem myself.

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