Creative Conscience: Initial Approach- Research.

Once briefed on the Creative Conscience Awards 2019, I was offered the opportunity to explore a topic, which will also teach me a lot about myself.

There were many options for briefs: Community; Education & Learning; Environment & Sustainability; Equality & Justice; Health, Wellbeing & Disability; War & Crisis; and Open Brief. As I was very recently diagnosed ADHD, I decided I would like to conduct research into the mental disorder and learn more about myself along the way. I would like to create an informative animatic, in hopes it can also educate others.

For this brief, I am interested in attempting to put an original spin on this project to differ my entry to the other submissions.

I would like to explore the metaphor of stitching through my project, mainly due to the connection of the metaphor ‘Hanging by a Thread’, and ‘Stitching it Together’ to reference the way the mental disorder is recognised through multiple symptoms.

I’d like to do this method as I had an instant recognition of metaphors linking to stitches/ threads.

  • Stitches in terms of medical context represents pain/ injury/ recovery.
  • Stitches in terms of art represents pulling something together/ fixing something that’s broken.
  • A thread links to the metaphor ‘hanging by a thread’, which when brought into the context of mental health can represent hanging on the edge of choosing life/ death.
  • Hanging by a thread to the link between augmented imagination and reality (escapism)/ schizophrenia etc.

I have wanted to learn how to use digital stitching for quite a while but have not managed to find a way to fit it in to my past projects time schedule. Although, I would like to try and fit this workshop into my time schedule for this project. If I am unable to do this, I would still like to experiment with referencing the metaphor ‘Stitching it together’, or ‘Hanging by a Thread’.

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