Artist Research: Jessica Jenkins

Jessica Jenkins is a previous winner who also attended Cardiff School of Art and Design.

Jenkins won the silver award in 2016 for an animation touching upon the subject of Mental Health problems not being taken as seriously as they should be.

Her imagery is quite simple with a limited colour palette consisting of mainly blues, greys and pinks. The animation style also isn’t overly complicated which makes it fairly easy to follow along with the story line/ plot of the animation.

The animation is quite dark featuring an attempted suicide, although it is not graphic (no blood or gore).

I found the most effective part of the animation was the simple scene of one character who seemingly doesn’t seem to be suffering from a mental illness due to the pink colour scheme of the figure, hugging the depressed character with a blue colour scheme, and after this act of support was given, the blue in the character had turned purple, to give a sense of a difference made to the characters emotional state and well-being, thus giving the response that Jenkins was going for, which is to realise the importance of supporting those with mental disorders.

Character suffering from mental health issues pictured on the left, supportive character on right.

I quite like the use of the simplified colour palette in the animation, as it doesn’t distract the viewers from the actual story line occurring throughout the sequence, making the message have a clear mark and works effectively.

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