Observational Artists: Research

Cat O’Neil


Cat O’Neil is a freelance Illustrator based in the UK.

She has worked with many editorial publishers, stated on her bio, she has worked with The New York Times, The LA Times, Variety, WIRED, The Financial Times, The Economist, Scientific American, Libération, Revue XXI, School Library Journal (SLJ), Time Out (HK),  Woman’s Weekly, Arts Council England, AKA, Cedar Design Agency, British Medical Journal, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Perth Festival of the Arts, Scottish Fisheries Museum and more.

Cat O’Neil Graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a First Class Honours degree in illustration.

She has also created more narrative pieces, as she created a self published graphic novel addressing mixed race heritage and what it means to be ‘home’/ how the word ‘home’ differs in meaning between people. This project was even funded by the National Lottery.

O’Neil’s observational drawings caught my eye by the use of colour schemes, line weight, and textures.

Observational Illustration using collage of multiple sketches.

Manshen Lo


Manshen Lo creates observational drawings in a vintage comic style, which I find very catpivating. due to the strong lines and simplistic colour palette.

Lo is a Chinese artist who also uses comic art as inspiration when creating her work, mainly referencing East Asia’s Chinese comic art masters such as Youzhi. She also doesn’t just limit herself to Illustration, by experimenting in animation with an aspiration to turn her graphic novels into animations. Lo creates these illustrations by using an ink brush and then digitally colouring her images.


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