Penguin Project: Review

This project has been such a grand way to take a dip into the pool of the illustration field. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience working on this live brief as I have pushed my skills/ progress to the limit to achieve a response in such a short time span; yet I created an outcome which I am proud of.

I believe I managed to meet all of my personal aims discussed earlier in this blog, by my outcome being original, and captivating. I believe it will be able to stand out well on shelves and also successfully delivers hints to the themes of the book.

The most difficult part of this project was most definitely attempting to gather as much information as possible within a short time limit to leave enough time to work on development/ experimentation.

Going forward in my studies, I would like to continue this routine to my work, which is to allocate myself a certain amount of days to gather information so I no longer go overboard with my research, which has been my main issue in my past projects.

I am excited to see how this method of working goes with my next brief, as I am in hope that I have found my niche to completing my responses to a standard which I’m proud to present and to a sufficient time before the deadline.

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