The Penguin Project: Turning Point

To meet up with other artists working on the same brief to compare and offer opinions about each others ideas has always been the pinnacle point of development for me.

During this meeting in particular, I showed my work to approximately 11 other people and received feedback.

From this group critique I was told…

Pros of my Design:

  • The red is highly captivating, almost a neon colour
  • Strong use of metaphors in cover
  • Good structure of lines
  • Metaphor of tree stumps work well

Cons of my Design:

  • Noose is too explicit to go onto public shelves, must change the noose to something acceptable
  • Text is a little too ‘forced’, unnatural.

I am going to take all off the advice aboard and attempt to fit this into my design.

I believe the best way to ensure that I will be able to create an outcome in time is to create my piece digitally, as it offers a lower risk of making mistakes, as there is always an undo button.

Also, drawing digitally is one of my stronger mediums to work in, so I am confident I’ll be able to create an acceptable response.

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