Penguin Project: Past Winners/ Covers.

Compilation of past book covers

I decided to collect multiple book covers and past winners of the Penguin Random House collection and form a page collage. This way I can continually refer back to it whilst creating my design for inspiration.

I chose these specific books as I found them all to be original and captivating in their own ways. The ones in particular which stood out to me were the book designs for ‘Catcher in the Rye’ and ‘Animal Farm’. I like the use of the one colour in ‘Catcher in the Rye’ as well as a small area having one single other colour, as it offers an interesting contrast between black and colour.

I also like the Animal Farm cover due to its shapes/ form. I quite like the realistic animal figure yet simple/ cartoon-ish background to the cover. I’d like to take these characteristics into my own design as I find it to be highly effective.

I am looking forward to seeing what I produce taking the characteristics I have found from the past winners creations and a larger understanding of Penguin as a whole.

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