Penguin Project: Experimentation.

In my past project, I experimented with paper layering (e.g. tracing paper on top of card) to create a low opacity effect. I decided that I’d like to continue experimenting with this method as I believe it left quite interesting results.

This was the initial result:

This was done quickly and roughly with paint, ink, and tracing paper. I quite like the look of the neon red, as I believe it grabs attention.

I added a butterfly as it is symbolic for love, beauty and death. I also added fireflies due to the references within the book.

I then decided to do a version more finished, being that the paint was fully applied, and I also used markers for the under image to see how it would look. Here are photos of the process:

After playing with the contrast after scanning the image in, I was quite pleased with the outcome. I like the colour and concept of this design, although would like to develop/ change my lettering into possibly an oriental brush lettering style, as I believe it could really pull the piece together.

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