The Penguin Project: About Penguin

Penguin and Random House combined in 2013 to form Penguin Random House Design. This company was the first true world wide book publishing company.

Penguin have been releasing books for over 150 years, as the earliest trace of the penguin company can be located back in 1855.

In 1934, a young publisher named Allen Lane approached a book stall in Exeter, Saint Davids and saw that all the books were over prices and of poor quality production. Within a year he founded the official Penguin Books company.

The Penguin company without a doubt is one of the most successful and popular publishing companies in the world, due to both authors whose books they have published (Leo Tolstoy , Zadie Smith, Marian Keyes, Dan Brown etc.) and the quality of material used to print the books, as well as the illustrators who produced covers that helped captivate audiences.

An incredible source to visit to see the full history and substantial moments in the evolution of the penguin company, a timeline can be viewed on this link:

In summary, I can remember penguin books being in my life from my days of childhood. I can remember the logo appearing on my bed time stories when I was 6 or 7 in my childish world of imagination.

I believe Penguin has been a large inspiration in my passion for illustration, as I remember trying to draw the book covers in my own sketchbook, and would create my own characters to play different parts in my bedtime stories. Thus this project is for sure an emotional and exciting one.

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