The Penguin Project: Introduction.

In this project of my Enquire, Choreograph, Grow module, I get the opportunity to work on a live brief for the Penguin Random House Design Competition. In which, I must design a book jacket design for one of three books given by the Penguin website.

These books come from three different categories: Adult Fiction (Norwegian Wood; Haruki Murakami), Adult Non-Fiction (The Establishment; Owen Jones), or Childrens books (Wonder; R. J. Palacio).

After reading briefs and multiple synopses’ on all three books, I found that Norwegian Wood stood out most to me. I found the story line and imagery/ symbolic metaphors most intense in Norwegian Wood. Apart from awkward stages of the book such as the casual sex (a personal opinion) I found the plot to be quite emotionally gripping.

Because of this, I have decided that I want to create the book sleeve for the Adult Fiction category – Norwegian Wood, by Haruki Murakami.

I am hoping to create a book which has an original concept, and will stand out on the shelves. I believe this book would be appropriate for those aged 16 (MINIMUM) and over due to the explicit scenes.

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