First Person: The Graphic Novel- Showing metaphor and finalising panels.

So far I have found the process of digitally colouring my illustrations to be quite enjoyable, as the handiness of it is impeccable. When taking the images into Photoshop, I selected the layer that the photo of my illustration is on and selected the multiply tool in order to remove the white in the image, therefore allowing me to create a layer beneath the illustration to colour under the line art yet on top of the white. I also add more definition to the line art by using the ink took in photoshop and drawing over a few of the lines. I took a photo mid process to illustrate the method in progress:

I decided that I wanted a limited colour palette which still had enough potential to create semi- realism images. This is so the images could hold a lot more connection to the readers, and allow them to feel as though they are part of the same world as the main character.

I am going to do close up of hands in my novel, to illustrate the metaphor of the artists hands being stolen/ non existent once their art is perceived as belonging to someone else. As unless you claim your work online in a clear manner, it is easy for someone to get there before you and claim your work as their own if you are not careful enough. The melting/ disintegrating hands will also show how the artists suffer by others selfishness in trying to receive popularity on social media by discrediting work of artists who put their heart and soul into their creations.

I am now starting to put together the pages of the novel using Microsoft PowerPoint. Now, I know this software is not made for creating novel panels, although, as I currently am not able to leave my desk space (due to medical reasons) I have adapted to using it to create my novel.

I believe it is working well. The only downside I have found to using it so far is the fact that it is potentially impossible to cut the frames (the illustrations) in a shape that is not square/ rectangle like. Although, I can add text that goes outside of the frame, which still offers the break of reality illusion, which theoretically draws the reader in further, as it appears reality and the novel world are combining.

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