Moving the Museum: Review.

This project has been one to truly test my limits of creativity and understanding of how much work goes in to creating a piece which can live up to an appropriate standard to be part of a collective exhibition within Cardiff’s National Museum.

I found this project to be quite a challenge to complete to a standard of my past projects due to the amount of research and tasks I had given myself; although I managed to push myself to create a good body of work/ development which lead to a successful final outcome.

When first exploring this brief I had no clue as to where to start. Do I start with research? Drawing observation? Idea Generation? After contemplating within my sketchbook, we were faced with a task which started to create some rough initial ideas in my head.

This was highly influential in igniting the process of development of my response as experimenting with a tool/ app which I had not used before had opened the curiosity side of myself in which I encountered new possibilities. This was the ‘Animate it’ app which allowed me to do a stop motion animation around the museum. Video of one of my outcomes from this experimentation is displayed below:

Experimenting with stop motion meant that I travelled the whole museum in search for items which I could include within the outcome. During my wandering I located a painting by one of my favourite artists of all time, Francis Bacon. I would say this was the pinnacle moment in the development of ideas that lead to my final concertina outcome.

I found experimenting with the layering of paper within my book to be quite exciting, as I enjoyed the aesthetic produced once the image was layered on top of my illustration. This also took great influence in the outcome of the book, as I found the format in which to make the layering most prominent/ effective during the experimentation stage, I was able to use the method I used in the curation of the artist’s book.

I believe the most difficult part of this project was most definitely choosing the artists to include within my book, as I didn’t have the intention of choosing only male artists, yet the artists I chose were ones which when researched, had the most influential background or a background which brought a whole new meaning to their paintings.

Overall, I am pleased with the work produced within this project. Both of my own and work of others as it was such a wide variation of outcomes presented. Such as a quilt, lamps, miniature sculptures, animations, and my book.

I intend to continue using interactive features such as the HP Reveal app within my work, as I believe it offers a whole new element to the outcome, as audiences get more investigative with the final piece and potentially can begin wishing to research further into the artists displayed in my book to understand the deeper meaning behind my illustrations of their life.

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