Moving the Museum: Idea Development

Thumbnail of my idea generation page from my sketchbook.

To begin developing concept ideas for my response to the given brief of this project; I began by noting any idea at all that came into mind into my sketchbook in the most simplistic form possible, to allow my creativity to take a topic and explore the metaphorical realm behind the concept.

After coming up with a vast amount of reasonable ideas for my investigation towards this project, I chose the idea that appeared to have a grand opportunity in terms of possible experimentation, research and method processing.

The one idea which stood out most to me was the topic ‘Behind the Painting’. This is because of the potential of research (artists research regarding background/ upbringings) as well as development (ways in which to illustrate the artists unheard/ hidden past).

As an Illustrator, I also know my way around the whole pun format of Illustration. Whilst going through the broad amount of opportunities for me to explore my creative mind within this idea, the phrase ‘World of Wall Craft’ appeared into the deliberation. At first, I thought this was quite an overly comical name for my piece/ project; although, I realised how quickly it became stuck in my head due to the close relation to the online game ‘Word of War Craft’.

Due to legal reasons I didn’t want to risk the possibility of any allegations of myself completely copying the game’s known title, therefore I decided to make it focus essentially on the superior purpose of my final piece, which was to look behind the paintings and into the backstory as to how they were created. Thus the name ‘Behind the World of Wall Craft’ came to be.

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