Moving the Museum: Gathering Inspiration

Observational marker illustration of the ceramic section within the museum.

All of the different values, emotions, structures and specimens held within the museum. From a large abstract painting by David Hockney, to a species of butterfly pinned to a wall. All of these encapsulating features take great importance in this project.

Whilst exploring the grand spectrum of art and history held within the museum’s collection, I was silently noting all pieces/ aspects within the museum which I believed were captivating.

I also carried out multiple observational sketches whilst in the museum of artefacts which grabbed my full attention, or of activities being carried out by other visitors which I found to be intriguing, such as unwrapping a large oddly shaped black canvas case which turned out to simply be a folding chair, and then proceeding to sit in front of a large scale painting and sketching the piece in the same style as displayed in front of them. What information were they aiming to obtain? Were there secrets hidden under the brush strokes?

Alongside creating my observational sketches I gathered photographs of animals within the museum’s collection using a stop motion app called “Animate it!”. I joined a fellow student (Aaron Jay Davies) so we could both share the device which held the app, and also gave each other help when needed.

Stop Frame animation I created of the insect specimens within the museum.
Stop frame animation created using portraits within the photography exhibition in the museum.

Carrying out these activities were insightful to potential ways we could approach creating our final outcomes, and was also a useful way to feel inspired to attempt being creative using different formats. (Non static imagery).

After returning to the Clore Discovery Centre within the museum, we proceeded to attempt another format of stop frame animation- using our own drawing skills.

I decided to focus on a horse’s skull, and experimented with a ‘decay’ story/ effect.

Attempt at drawn stop frame animation

My next aim is to home in on a single idea which I believe will be a greatly effective response to the museums collection.

In order for my response to be successful, I would like to:

  • Explore outside of my comfort zone of sketchbooks/ large final single illustration responses, and experiment with book form, or animation/ animated images.
  • Reference a large amount of my research within my final product/ artefact to ensure my outcome offers a form of response to the viewer.
  • Offer room for interpretation or discussion by the public within my outcome. Allow my skill and tools within illustration to do most of the talking, avoid using large amounts of text in the final outcome.
  • Make myself more confident within my practice. Challenge myself to explore different opportunities within the museum.

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