Moving The Museum: Introduction.

Photo taken on the upper floor in the Nation Museum of Cardiff.

In this project I will be launching an investigation into the National Museum of Cardiff’s art collection to later respond to the collection with an artefact of my own.

My artefact will take a grand amount of inspiration from what truly defines the museum, or from aspects which form memorable moments for the British Public, whether it be the architecture of the building, organisation, artefacts on display, the visitors themselves, or possible conspiracy theories hidden throughout the building.

Francis Bacon: Study for self-portrait. A painting obtained within the Museum’s collection.

I am optimistic about what my knowledge of Illustration could bring to this project, as I have always been an enthusiastic visitor of museums around Britain, and to be specific, paintings by as established artist named “Francis Bacon”. Bacon has been an inspiration to me since I first sought out his work at the beginning of my art studies. The hidden meanings behind his paintings strike controversy throughout the public who view his work, (such as a white cage surrounding his painted figures potentially representing his entrapment in his family refusing to accept Bacon as the homosexual man he was).

I look forward to the research aspect of this project and in particular discovering information about the backgrounds of artists who’s work is currently held within the museums collection. This is because the odd lines or colours paintings/ artefacts can hold entice me to read further into the artist’s background to investigate the deeper meanings behind their art work.

I am also excited to be experimental within this project, as I intend to challenge myself and my capabilities within not just illustration, but other art forms also.

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