First Person: The Graphic Novel- Working on Mixed Media.

Visiting and viewing a collection from the artists book selection available in my university allowed me to gain a lot of inspiration.

I quite enjoyed seeing the difference offered between traditional and digital media, offering the illusion of two different worlds. This is an important aspect to the story I wish to tell through my novel, as I would like to show first of all the evolution of art, as it is becoming a very digital world. Not only in the art sense, but in communications, running businesses and the danger zone of art theft as the software available makes art theft a lot easier now than it would have been in the past.

This made me decide to make the first/ past scene in traditional media and the current/ future scenes in digital media, to show that change in tradition.

The traditional pieces were done with fineliners, brush pens and alcohol based markers. I used these particular materials as the hatch marking with the fine liners gives a more aesthetically pleasing value in the sense of it being hand drawn and authentic, yet the markers have an almost digital sense to it, allowing a slight connection between the traditional and digital world, which results in a smoother transition.

The first 2 pages of the novel are going to include hand drawn panels, as shown below:

Although I will also be working in digital, I have drawn the foundations in brush pen in order to produce the digital imagery faster, as I find that I sketch faster in traditional media. Some sketches are also shown below:

I will be taking these illustrations into Adobe Photoshop and Paint tool SAI in order to add colour and texture.

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