First Person Graphic Novel: Brainstorming.

Creating a novel takes a lot of thought, as there are so many components which are ESSENTIAL to be able to call an outcome a ‘Graphic Novel’. This means coming up with a story line, a message, character design, colour palettes, textures and more. This post will attempt to narrow down my brainstorming for this novel into as simplistic of a description possible; mainly due to the story line.

As an Illustrator, it is my job to display messages, conflict emotions and provoke responses from an audience. Therefore, this novel’s aim is to involve my key roles.

I have decided on my main message I would like to convey through my story line. This is art theft/ how it effects creativity. I have already come to a potential way to illustrate this event in the novel (without any dialogue). I thought up a metaphor of the artists hands disintegrating- this depicting the true worker/ hands of the worker almost being non existent and not appreciated. The disintegration is to show the work gone into the piece not being recognised/ being taken advantage of.

I would also like to include both traditional and digital media in my comic. Traditional media to show the past tense, and digital to show present/ future tense (as digital is constantly growing in popularity due to the aesthetic and the fact you can almost forge a traditional aesthetic through use of textures etc).

Therefore the main theme/ aim of my novel is to depict how art theft is affecting the art community. I got this idea from my recent essay I wrote in university discussing true creativity in art. I realised that I had not discussed art theft/ forgery and wished to include that in this project.

It is also aiming to touch upon how only if you are truly recognised and considered a ‘well known’ or famous artist are you most safe from this.. yet there is still potential for work to be taken.

My general story line is as so:

  1. Main Character glimpse/ background introduction.
  2. Main Character present time view of world.
  3. Meeting secondary character.
  4. First sign of art theft from background character stealing from secondary
  5. Metaphor introduced
  6. Notice surrounding background characters effected by art theft.
  7. Run back to safe place.
  8. Begin to make novel (my novel) to try and make their world aware
  9. An Illustration is stolen/ Main character effected/ hand disintegrating
  10. End.

Brainstorming a potential main character in different styles.

I quite like the idea of a yellow checkered coat as it isn’t a common item of clothing yet it is toned down enough to fit into a world, allowing the character to stand out amongst background characters yet also managing to fit in to a regular world design. I would like my graphic novel to be in-between the styles of my regular and the ‘quick drawing’ style. This is because I find them the cleanest yet the most effective.

The bun hair style also allows me to show a large amount of the character’s face, which will allow me to show expressions to a greater clarity.

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