First Person Graphic Novel: Research into Reference.

Fortunately, I have always been quite the secret fan of novels and comics, so hide a small collection where no one can see them. The main reason I have collected comics is simply for the art (and of course the dramatic story lines). This is because I find novels to be one of the best sources of figure/ pose referencing due to the amount of emotions and activities taking place in a single story line.

Marvel has most definitely been one of the pinnacle reasons I became so interested with art, so I intended for this project to almost inform myself of how much marvel and graphic novels have influenced my work.

One thing that definitely struck me when re-visiting these comics is how no one person has worked on these comics. This concerns me due to the clear amount of work that will have to go into this novel. I am unsure what standard it will be up to in order to complete it in time. To explain, in the ‘MS. MARVEL’ comic shown on the far right of the above image, there were 8 people who worked on the final outcome.






STEPHEN SAJDAK: Project Manager

MARK BASSO: Assistant Editor


Above are all the individuals who worked on that single comic. Although would clearly cause some apprehension about approaching the topic, I am also looking forward to it. As it shows I will be dipping in to many different techniques of working within Illustration.

Ms Marvel is my main reference point for this project. This is because I find the imagery to be highly effective and the transition from one image to another to be near flawless, due to the utilisation of each page in the comic:

Blue toned Page from MS. MARVEL comic.

The overlapping borders gives dimension to the page, allowing the user to feel as though they are peering into a place they shouldn’t be… ‘looking beyond the page’ is the common saying. The imagery is also very stylised. Not many comics look like this as the line art is usually more bold, and there is less text. MS. MARVEL comic managed to have an original style, although when it comes to me making my comic, I’d quite like to experiment with a no dialogue comic. To allow the imagery to do all the talking. As the top illustration in the novel page above displayed such strong emotion, I would like each panel to be equally as gripping.

I would also like a consistent colour theme to avoid over-complicating the imagery and therefore loosing the reader’s attention as each page of the MS MARVEL comic has followed a colour scheme. Although the colours may change,the page is consistently following a particular tone:

Pink toned Page from MS. MARVEL Comic.

I would like to try and use this method in my comic to ensure that it contains a style and flow to match that of other novels and therefore fits within it’s community/ format.

Whilst reading through the novel I also found many sound effects. Some written in ways that you would not expect. I would also like to use this in my novel as I enjoyed how it engaged the reader into working out the pronunciation and playing it alongside the image to get a true sense of place and realism.

The typography used in the comic also seems to be quite thematic due to the consistent fonts in dialogue and then different yet still consistent texts used in the sound effects. I will also be taking this tool into my own novel creation.

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