First Person: The Graphic Novel – Intro.

How I ended up in First Person:

The first field project of year two I have selected is First Person: The Graphic Novel. Initially I was placed on a field group entitled “Space is the Animated Place”, although I found that the group that I was placed into were not reliable and knew that the work I would have produced within the group would not be up to standard.

From the get go in Space is the Animated Place, the animator and graphic designer within my group (bare in mind that this field option particularly homes in on the animation art form) stated that they thought I should curate all of the work as I am an Illustrator, thus have the largest understanding of all the art forms.

This rung alarm bells as I was carrying the group for the first day. I was concerned about the stress and workload I would have to carry upon myself, thus made the decision to switch field groups as I was not granted the option to join a different group within Space is the Animated Place.

I found First Person to be intriguing once I read the brief, as I have always enjoyed creating short comic strips/ anime stories, so was curious to see what I could create in a Graphic Novel with my new understanding of my practice within illustration from learnt tools from year 1.

My First Lesson:

To begin the venture into the unknown world of what it takes to create a successful graphic novel, we started by unpacking the novel collection “The Smartest Kid on Earth” by Chris Ware. This novel in particular has been described as the best graphic novel ever written so is a great reference point for the duration of this project.

Illustrative Photo Cards laid on table for Inspiration.

We also carried out some creative writing exercises which allowed us to place ourselves in a scene which we could use in a graphic novel. I found this vital to my creative input of the idea generation for my novel as I feel in touch with the story. This helps set the scene in terms of emotion and setting as it improves my description skills.

Finally, I went to the library to rummage through the graphic novel aisle and take out three different novels to use as inspiration and research whilst carrying out this project. The three books I chose were: ‘The Smartest Kid on Earth’, ‘Quimby the Mouse’ and ‘Wonder Woman: The Complete History’. I chose these particular books as they are not novels as such, but discuss the most effective pages and stories occurring in each of the novels, which I believe to be highly useful as I am still trying to decide on a story line for my novel.

I feel a lot more confident with this field group than my initial choice of Space is the Animated Place. I look forward to what this project has to offer next.

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