Response to my Outcome.

Overall, I am quite happy with the final response I created for the given brief. As I managed to experiment with many different methods of creating and completely went outside of my comfort zone, and found some interesting tools/ processes that I can take further into future projects.

When placing my final piece on display, I was quite proud, although there was not enough space to display my piece in the way I had envisioned, it still appeared to be quite eyecatching.


I also managed to see people working out the function of the spikes, being that they open to reveal Illustrations, which I was concerned the audience wouldn’t be able to initially work out. Although I believe the numbered bands helped give a hint being that the band could be keeping the structure together. I believe this made it more clear that the art object was interactive.

I am also happy with the body of development/ experimenting work that I managed to produce, as I managed to fill an entire sketchbook with work leading up to the final pieces.

If I had more time/ funding, I would have liked to create all of the spikes through 3D printing too to work alongside the 3D printed body of the urchin, as I believe it would be more sturdy/ less fragile. Although the spikes I made out of paper seem to be strong enough to withstand being dropped.

Also I am happy that I decided to create the final image through traditional and digital media as I know if at one point, someone were to accidentally damage one of the scrolls, I have the high definition file on my computer, which I would be able to reprint, again meaning that if it were to be displayed in a public place, I will be able to produce back up prints for possible replacement of damaged illustrations.

To summarise, I found this project to be difficult, eye opening, motivating and confidence boosting. As I was able to achieve a result which I can be proud of.

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